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I chose this career for the constant change of situations and the strong ties that are made. It also requires us to share difficult moments.

Emmanuelle, Paramedic student

Giving and helping people in need comforts me every day and confirms I made the right choice when I started my training.

Marie, Paramedic student

Being a co-instructor for continuing training is a challenge, since it’s important to stay up to date with new changes as well as improve oneself to provide the patient with what he or she truly deserves, the best of care.

Fanny, ES Paramedic

A future job, leading to a real career. I love working as a team, which is an interesting and pleasant part of the job.

Floriane, Paramedic student
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The paramedic ensures independent emergency pre-hospital care, in connection with other health care and rescue professionals. Paramedics work under doctors for all medical interventions. Their services address either patients in emergency situations or those who cannot access a medical institution on their own accord.

Our professions

Ambulance Technicians


You have a strong interest in human relations and like to confront unforeseen events. You have the capacity to work in a team and know how to effectively and efficiently deal with issues. You have a high sense of priority and practical sense. Therefore, this position is made for you.

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Internal student training represents guaranteed quality for the company. It allows one to review and learn practical knowledge through exchange, maintain useful skills and competences, and adopt an exemplary professional attitude. If you wish to help others and think you have what it takes – the capacity to adapt quickly to situations and a highly-developed team spirit – then you are made for this career.

Our professions

Ambulance Driver


Under supervision of an ambulance technician, ambulance drivers take care of inter-hospital transports as well as national and international repatriation. Their knowledge of invalid person mobilization provides immeasurable comfort during stretcher or bed transfers, and their driving experience ensures optimal transport for all patients.

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The on-team doctor is held liable for all paramedic acts, including direction of care, management and administration of medication, and the supervision of numerous internal sanitary procedures (adequate disinfection, biological waste disposal, etc.). The on-team doctor also insures all paramedic training, oversees evaluations and skill assessments, and validates each team member’s right to practice.