Hôpiclowns : our kindhearted partner

As a part of its news identity, Swiss Ambulance Rescue has put together a new website (www.swissambulancerescue.ch) with an online boutique marketing multiple products sporting the Swiss Ambulance Rescue brand.  All profits will go to the non-profit organization, Hôpiclowns (www.hopiclowns.ch), which contributes to improving the quality of hospital life and institutionalization for children, adults, and seniors.

The team shares experiences and advice in order to improve that which we hold close to our heart: the quality of life of our patients!

This company is made up of 14 men and women who visit the Children’s Hospital in Geneva, the Hospital of Loëx, and Happy Days of EMS, in addition to two specialized institutions: the Clair-Bois de Pinchat home and the Centre de rééducation et de réadaptation de la Roseraie (Roseraie Center of Reeducation and Rehabilitation, CRER).  Since 2016, Hôpiclowns has also begun visits to the home for migrants in Anières.

This organization celebrates its 20 years and organizes an open house for this special occasion. On the program, starting at 5 pm, a clown performance with music specially created for the company’s 20 years takes place, followed by a concert put on by the Little International Orchestra of Hôpiclowns and a party put on by DJ Olga Gypsy Sound System from 8 pm to 11 pm!

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