The profession of Ambulance Technician

Ambulance technicians are there to evaluate simple situations and measure the best means to care for and treat such situations,

as well as,

assist paramedics in complex situations by ensuring, for example, the calculation of vital signs, medicine preparation, and transportation of a person in trauma. The ambulance technician is responsible for planned patient transports.

The principal tasks of an ambulance technician include:

  • driving the intended vehicle of transport.
  • transportation in and of itself, while following the instructions of either a paramedic or non-critical patient.
  • deciding appropriate measures when to call a paramedic, ER doctor, or other authorized professionals.
  • assisting and supporting a paramedic, ER doctor, and/or other professional when necessary.
  • ensure perfect working conditions of the full infrastructure, including technical means and logistics, throughout rescue services.
  • certify health risk preventions are put in place, to contribute to quality assurance and professional development. Setting up catheters is an assistant or leader role.

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